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iPhone Colour Grading with native PHOTOS App

So you've just been taking some great photos & videos with your iPhone, and want to share what you've captured with your friends, family, clients, etc... Here are your options:

  • Send the original straight away, but secretly wish your pics looked more polished

  • Use a generic Instagram filter or (worse) spend money on an app you'll hardly use

  • Wait until you're home, transfer your clips to your computer and spend ages tweaking each image in Photoshop / Lightroom, etc... OR

  • Use our FREE & EASY colour grading recipe to quickly spruce up your shots!

Disclaimer! We're not saying this replaces professional editing with your pro software of choice, but it's a great, subtle, on-the-go solution to help your snaps shine!


If you've used a 3rd-party camera app or another device make sure to import your images to the stock PHOTOS app. When you're ready, tap EDIT in the top-right corner.


  • Vivid Warm Filter | 40

  • Exposure | 0 to -5

  • Highlights | -10

  • Shadows | +10

  • Contrast | +15

  • Brightness | -10

  • Saturation | -5

  • Warmth | 0 to -3

  • Definition | 10


That's literally it! Tap the image to compare the original to your edit, then once you're happy hit done. Make sure to send us your results, we'd love to see your awesome edits and share them on our Instagram @draimedia

Happy Editing!!

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