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The Golden Years - Branding A New Mobile Barbers Business

With the steady easing of restrictions across the UK, Gayle Pannett has taken a leap of faith into starting her own business. With over 25 years of barbering experience for family and friends, Gayle's new target audience are the elderly gents in her local community. We were tasked with branding her new venture, creating a fresh and modern design with references to classic barbershop imagery.

Our extensive research on barbershop branding inspired colours One and Two. Dark grey tones give the design a professional, classic feel, that allows the golden hue of Colour One to pop. Colour One almost chose itself, being associated with warmth and happiness - key values of The Golden Years brand.

Colours Three and Four offer an alternative colour scheme for a lighter look. This allows for a more comfortable reading experience that may appeal more to the target demographic than Colour Two paired with pure white text. Both options were supplied to the client at no extra cost.

Pairing a serif and sans-serif typeface is a commonly used technique among professionals, allowing clients to portray their visual identity with clarity and flare. We chose to implement this practice for The Golden Years design to help define the cohesion between classic and modern. Hoefler delivers a timeless look, ideal for the logo and surrounding tag line "Live Well Look Good". We introduced Avenir Next in the flyer design, allowing key information to be read clearly.

It's true that a picture paints a thousand words. We incorporated these five icons to help define Gayle's services and intended audience. They not only add style to the logo and flyer designs but also lay the foundations for future use across The Golden Years' social media and online presence. This repeated use of iconography greatly enhances the memorability of the brand.

The first draft was delivered within 5 hours of the clients' initial communication, and with a simple revision to include the colourful barber's poles, the final design was sent shortly afterwards.

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