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Aerial Photographer Hire

We deliver drone photography services to a wide range of projects, from advertisements and architecture to weddings and events. Our qualified pilots will go over every detail of the operation with you, from pre-site & risk assessments to the debrief and handover of footage, to ensure professionalism & the safety of everyone involved.


We love to wow, and SmartPhoto features like HyperLight, Sphere, and 180° HDR Panorama allow us to do just that. So if you're after a cost-effective alternative to manual inspections or helicopter hire, book a flight today or email us for a free consultation.

Aerial Photographer Hire

PriceFrom £250.00

The key to a safe and successful flight is excellent planning. We coordinate with everyone necessary to make sure the operation runs smoothly. Our planning process includes a:

  • Pre-Site & On-Site Assessment
  • Detailed Risk Assessment
  • Failsafe Processes and much more

Additional information is outlined in our CAA Approved Operations Manual, available free upon request.

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