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Cleaning Up Innercity's Digital Presence with Web Design and a Social Media Polish

Innercity Cleaning & Maintenance provide friendly, professional and top-quality services for businesses in and around Leeds - their online presence however did not reflect this. Their website was riddled with inaccuracies, broken links, and outdated information, while their social media presence lacked consistency and engagement. They were in desperate need of a digital overhaul (particularly web design and social media management) to enhance brand recognition and attract new clients, as potential customers were left confused, rather than intrigued.

Established over 30 years ago, they are trusted by a wide range of clients including district councils and hospitality chains thanks to their high standards, quality work and adherence to strict health and safety guidelines. However, by 2021, their online presence was outdated and ineffective, with an obsolete website and negligible social media engagement. 

We began by conducting a thorough assessment of Innercity's existing website and marketing strategies, identifying areas for improvement. A collaborative meeting with the owners helped us understand their business goals and address the gaps between their services and online representation.

Leveraging our expertise, we proposed a full redesign of their website, including solid branding to further their recognisability as a company. We also crafted a social media strategy to create compelling content featuring authentic images & videos from Innercity's recent jobs as well as a range of post templates to maintain brand consistency.

After delivering the draft social content and various website options, our attention to detail, quality branding package and meticulous work ethic thoroughly impressed Innercity, who then hired us on a 2 year contract.

The revamped digital presence over that time resulted in a significant uptick in online engagement and brand awareness for Innercity Cleaning and Maintenance, showcasing the company’s services to a much wider audience. Their enhanced credibility and professionalism attracted new clients and secured additional work opportunities. Each post was eye-catching and engaging, generating more likes, comments and shares as well as directing potential customers to the newly redesigned website.

Our involvement in this project demonstrated various key skills:

Authentic & Professional Web Design

Our expertise in web design transformed Innercity's website into a functional and visually appealing platform, and our genuine interest in the business allowed for a better representation of the company in a digital format.

Better Branding, Consistently

Clear Communication & Collaboration

Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, Drai Media successfully revitalised Innercity Cleaning and Maintenance's digital presence, resulting in increased brand awareness, trust, and business opportunities. Our partnership highlighted the value of tailored digital solutions in driving business outcomes.


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