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Top Video Package for LIT Rooftop Launch Event - Leeds

Ground-breaking DJ line-ups & worldwide headliners in a panoramic intimate space? It can only be Leeds Ibiza Takeover (LIT)!

Back in May, the LIT team contacted Drai Media following a recommendation from a previous client. The event organisers were seeking a comprehensive videography package to promote the launch of their highly anticipated 2023 season of events in Leeds.

LIT are well known for their unique experiences that truly embody the Ibizan party ethos. To kickstart their summer events they requested a combination of aerial drone footage and traditional handheld video work, seamlessly edited together into a branded promotional video.

The biggest challenge was naturally the aerial videography. As licensed drone operators we had to ensure all drone flights were conducted in a safe and secure way, following procedures and carefully managing the area before capturing the desired shots. This required detailed coordination and adherence to strict guidelines to guarantee the safety of all personnel, partygoers and the general public.

The project also came with the need for a quick turnaround. As LIT run a number of events each week, we had to ensure the video was recorded, edited and submitted within a matter of days. Time management and efficient workflows were crucial for meeting the client's needs.

Despite the variables and complexities involved in the project, Drai Media rose to the occasion. The resulting promotional video showcases the unique atmosphere created by Leeds Ibiza Takeover, capturing the essence of their events and building anticipation for future events among the target audience. Our commitment to meeting tight deadlines, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to challenging filming conditions proved instrumental in the successful delivery of this project.

"Ola! Love the video, it's going out as promo for future dates! Loved that "opening party" text, 'ninja' edit! Thank you!"

-- Sara, Owner, Leeds Ibiza Takeover (LIT)


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